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This is the last blog post I will ever write...

...on this blog lol! What, you actually thought I could ever stop talking, albeit virtually, about whatever pops into my head? No chance! It has been a loooooong long time in the making, it is not what I set out to do (in a good way), but I am very glad to be finally launching my new blog. It's a simple design, easy to navigate, quite a bit different in style to this one but the perfect upgrade. I'm not saying anything else...just get over there and check it out!


Don't forget to bookmark it!

I'll keep this blog around for a while because I know some of you like to look at your blogposts or look back over the archives. I moved a few over to the new place just so it didn't look so empty - but it was a lot of work so there's only a few there for the moment.

Cheerio wee blog. You've been good to me. xx

today 7.2.12  •  Personal  

Today was:

Blog post
School run
Granny run
Baby shoot
School run
Granny run
Upload saucy pic of Ryan Gosling to facebook
School run
Granny run
Parent teacher meeting
Granny run
(Simultaneously) dinner/homeworks/import baby shoot to computer/write this blog post

And the night is still young. Still young, my friends :)

P.S. This is Alfie...the subject of the baby shoot in line 5.
P.P.S You now understand how I manage to burn so many dinners.

See that whisker in the top left hand corner of the photo? That's Cefer the cat. People always say 'never work with animals and children'. I say 'never work with cats'. You can even see it in Alfie's expression - "Come on cat, pull it together. One photo of us, that's all she wants".

If he were a dog all I would have had to do was meow like a cat. I tried this with Cefer. He looked at me like I was clinically insane.

Never work with cats.

emilie rose 7.2.12  •  Children  

I photographed sweet little Emilie Rose on her very first birthday. What a beautiful, funny, stylish little 1-year-old she is :)

wee buds 3.2.12  •  Personal  

My first baby :)

michelle & karl 3.1.12  •  Engagements  

Michelle and Karl were home from Australia (where they live - lucky ducks!) for Christmas so we shot their engagement session at the lovely Parkanaur Manor House.It was a nice crisp wintery day and it doesn't hurt that Michelle and Karl are just so flippin' good looking :)

the hunger games 2.1.12  •  Personal  

Now that I have a proper work schedule (thanks to my magical Mulberry notebook), I've started reading again. I'm starting to feel like a regular person with working hours and mealtimes and breaks :)

Now, let me just preface this blog post by saying that:

a) I am quite thick. I'm sure you know this already. So take anything I say with a pinch of salt - I am no expert on literary excellence or anything else for that matter.
b) I always judge a book by it's cover. If it looks like Chick Lit I don't buy it. If it looks quirky and has has a cool illustrated cover I will lift it. I very rarely buy books with photo covers unless it's by an author I like or it's been recommended. The next two things will determine if I buy - what the line at the top of the book says and how the random page that I open reads. For example, if Oprah recommended it, it made the New York Times bestseller list or won some literary award OR (in the case of The Hunger Games) Stephen King said it was awesome - then there's a good chance I will buy. Point b) in itself proves point a).

Anyhoo - I didn't like the cover of The Hunger Games but I lifted it off the shelf because I'd seen the trailer for the movie last time I was at the cinema and it looked interesting. There's a quote on the cover by Stephen King saying he couldn't put the book down and my random page read went well. So I bought the first book.

Two days later I was running out to Easons to buy the second and third books in this trilogy, having inhaled the first over the course of the weekend. I read all three books within a week. Stephen King was right - once you start them you cannot put them down. I was literally reading as I was making the dinner one evening - another night all the kids were lumped in the bath together as I sat on the cold tiles glued to my book.

Did I like it? I'll be honest - this story is very frustrating. For a start, the premise is absurd. I mean, really absurd. A couple of the 'twists' made me actually shout at the page I was reading - as far as I could tell they were just easy 'outs' to tie together all the loose ends and set the scene for the next book. Not one of the characters is likeable - especially the protagonist, Katniss. I wanted to slap her face more than once. Her two love interests are as exciting as wooden blocks and why does everyone have such stupid names? But what I will say is this - I couldn't stop reading. I was totally caught up in the suspense and absolutely had to know what happened next. It's a teen book (I didn't know this until I'd started reading), so I guess there aren't going to be any characters with real depth or feeling. The Hunger Games isn't going to change your world or get you thinking outside the box. But it's one of those guilty pleasure reads and enjoyable in it's own way. Plus, there's a movie coming out next month based on the storyline and it's always nice to see how Holywood translates a book to the big screen.

A couple of other recent reads - The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Dear lord this book is life changing. One of the most beautifully written stories I've ever read, this book affected me greatly and that feeling stayed for months. I'm actually going to read it again very soon.

Skippy Dies by Paul Murray. This book is totally chaotic, narrated by several characters all with their own mental issues. Well, they are teenage boys at boarding school, and the banter between them is probably funnier if you were a teenage boy. There were some real laugh-out-loud moments but this is a story with a dark heart and really is a sad depiction of today's youth (god that makes me sound old!).

I'm currently reading Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safranfoer. I'm only a few chapters in and haven't quite made my mind up yet. The story is narrated by a 9-year-old boy with erratic thinking, it's a little fast paced and slightly irritating but the movie has Sandy and Tom in it so I'm giving the book a fair go ;)

If you've read any of these books tell me what you think - I love hearing other opinions! And if you have any recommendations for books you think I'd like do let me know..we can have a mini book club right here on my blog :)

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